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When you partner with M.A.D. Models, you'll gain access to our exclusive database of event talent who share our passion for creating unforgettable experiences.


Looking for an effective way to boost your brand's visibility and reputation at events? -  #BookMadModels 

When it comes to making a lasting impression at events like tradeshows, conferences, demo tastings, and product launches, hiring promotional models and brand ambassadors can be an incredibly effective strategy.


These individuals are trained to engage with event attendees in a way that generates excitement and positive associations with your brand or product.

By leveraging their expertise in sales and marketing, promotional models and brand ambassadors can help drive traffic to your booth, generate leads, and increase the likelihood of conversions.


Additionally, their presence can create a memorable experience for attendees that extends beyond the event itself, as they share their positive experiences with others and potentially become loyal customers.


With a relatively low cost compared to other marketing strategies, hiring promotional models and brand ambassadors can provide a great return on investment for businesses looking to make an impact at events.

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At M.A.D. Models, we recognize the significance of well-defined and structured training programs or event briefs ensure the success of any activation. Thus, we collaborate with our clients to create and deliver comprehensive event instructions that equip our talent for a thriving event and enhance organizational effectiveness.

Whether you are organizing a trade show booth, demo, tasting, or bartending event, our event outlines guarantee that our agency and personnel stay focused on your specific objectives.


Our training programs are technologically advanced, enabling us to offer

concise event briefs or detailed programs that include branded videos, quizzes, and certifications. We possess the adaptability to customize a program that caters to your exact requirements

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Ready to take your events to the next level?  

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you succeed.  Let's make your event a success!

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